Initial Thoughts on Draft

Written by: Peter Furman

Let me start off with the Wayne Gallman pick.

Here is the problem: the fact this man was chosen here is questionable. He played for Clemson-the National Champions-and the runner up last year. In fact, Clemson had a very mediocre-to-poor running game and could easily have lost five to six more times as they won these games by less than a touchdown. The state of the game today as compared to before is there used to be a half dozen or more great teams and many more truly exceptional athletes who do not exist today. Think USC, Notre Dame, Oklahoma Nebraska, Penn State, Florida State, Texas, Georgia, Miami and Michigan along with one or two surprise teams that emerged in a given year.

USC-Notre Dame was always the big game as was Texas-Oklahoma, Nebraska in the “Big Eight,” Ohio State vs. Michigan, Penn State as an independent and even Kansas for a while as I was at the Penn State-Kansas Orange Bowl way back when. There were others each year like Alabama before the Texas-like decline, Auburn on occasion, Florida State and LSU.  The point is, the game has devolved to a state where the teams are few, the players are mostly marginal and the NFL is a poor excuse for what it once was.

I would further argue there has been a ceaseless implosion as there are no longer many players to choose from after the top 15. There are a myriad of pundits who think this year was very deep. I don’t agree as they say the same thing every year, but their analysis, their “mock” drafts and their opinions are mostly dead wrong, yet they continue the folly each year. Does anyone really think that there were 30 quality DBs in this draft? There weren’t. Great players are few and far between.

The TE class was much improved. There was some depth at LB, a few DL that may have an impact, but I wouldn’t bet on it. OL and running backs were eviscerated as so many have been injured or are one dimensional. The only exception is Fournette who was injured. He has the goods and no major issues, but he will play for Coughlin and the Jaguars, so the outcome is tenuous at best. I would argue that there are NO great teams anymore, and the Patriots are one of very few teams that have managed to remain competitive every season along with Green Bay, Pittsburgh and Seattle.

Tom Brady is no longer the “great” QB he once was. This Patriot team was NOT great and Brady was awful in the first half of the Super Bowl. They won based on the Falcons’ implosion on defense and an offensive coordinator who blew a game with previously unseen incompetence. Even with the collapse, the Falcons should have won this game.

The Giants took a TE in Engram, who is faster than most and can catch the ball but cannot block. They continue to assume they can win with the receivers, no offensive line, little if any running game and a tight end, one-dimensional offense. This is similar to the “Tampa Two,” which went away after the league adjusted.

The Alabama tackle, Tomlinson, was a charade they had to play because they let Hankins go. This man, who was severely injured and hardly played at Alabama, was all they had left to pick from, so they created an absurd story that he was the very best DT in this draft. The guy is as big as Hankins, but does not have the talent to complement “Snacks”.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I think the Giants have pinned their future based on a gimmick offense, a $200 million dollar defense and a 36-year-old quarterback who is near the end. The rest? Webb? A former Jets bust? Don’t ask.


One thought on “Initial Thoughts on Draft

  1. Kip.s May 1, 2017 / 12:47 am

    Unconscionable that Reese waited until the 6th round to draft an offensive tackle. He wants you to believe there wasn’t enough “value” in drafting one in the first round. Last year there was plenty of value but he fell asleep at the switch and let 3 starters go by. I hope all these receivers can run 2 second routes, because that’s all the time Eli’s gonna have, with this line. They still don’t have a legitimate tackle on the roster. A souped up Ferrari with 4 flat tires is what this 29th ranked offense is and will continue to be.

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