Rebel Hell NO! Giants draft Ole Miss-“TE” Engram

Written by: Motown Blue

Evan Engram is the newest New York Giant.

Here are my immediate thoughts:

It happened twice before and one time during the pick. Defensive end Jonathan Allen incredulously dropped and dropped and dropped. He was the third best DL in the draft. He can play multiple positions on the line and be a huge chess piece for Spags. Think Osi, Tuck and Strahan, only younger and more athletic. That was a defining moment that put a nail in the coffin in Reese’s legacy of riding on Accorsi’s coat tails. He rode Eli, backbone of Accorsi’s base picks, 2007 picks and some luck for the 2011 championship.

Engram is a late second-round pick at best, period. A luxury pick. He will see five to seven throws per game. Can’t block. Stop with the decoy and making defenses honest BS. Can you guys remember Beckum from Wisconsin? Same deal, but Engram is more athletic. Except what round was Beckum picked? Third round. Guess where Engram should have been picked?

Linebacker Reuben Foster is a thumper and was the consensus first LB pick after the Super Bowl. Unless there is something we do not know about his off-the-field transgressions, he is the LB the Gmen have wanted to have for decades. Glenn and Pete have already laid out the scenario that made too much sense to trade up for O. J. Howard.

All of these scenarios were not break-the-bank moves in terms of picks.

Guess what the priority is tomorrow? Who is going to block for your new offensive toy?
Reese loves his toys. But what good are they if there is no foundation established?

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