Redskins Sabotage?

Written by: Peter Furman

Are the Redskins sabotaging their general manager, Scot McCloughan?

The fact is, McCloughan did have a serious drinking problem. He is the son of an outstanding defensive back for the Raiders and was a scout for the Al Davis boys for years. He was and is acknowledged as a top football mind but was out of the game until the then-hapless Redskins called. I have not heard these rumors or seen them anywhere before this as the Redskins have drafted and played significantly better with him as GM.

Nothing surprises me anymore about the decline of those in the NFL where slander, cheating, drug use, domestic violence and the quality of play have reached an all-time low. I was a scout for the Raiders. I was a game scout and did some scouting for them on the collegiate level for more than 12 years. Al Davis and the way the Raiders operated was different than most, but I cannot remember the kind of character assassination, the dirty tricks, the outright degradation of so many for personal gain or revenge that we witness today.

The Chip Kelly fiasco was riddled with the old regime attacking the new regime, seemingly to discredit Kelly before he had a chance. Kelly later failed at the job, and some of the people around him were also relieved of their influence. While it was the owner’s decision to fire Kelly, his betrayal was none the less obscene.

Let’s look at the Redskins under Snyder and those he employed. Let’s talk about a Redskins team that was incompetent for so many years, and let’s talk about the job the new GM has done in two short years. The Redskins have gone from laughingstock to contender, which should be the criteria. I cannot confirm or deny that the GM has fallen, but the improvement of the Redskins under him is absolute.

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