Final Thoughts on Dallas

Written by: Peter Furman

Giants 2 for 14 on 3rd down!  The Giants defense carried the team. The Cowboys lost because Dak has literally fallen off a cliff the last few weeks. The two rookies Prescott and Elliott  are now
playing like rookies and both Dallas and Giants offenses look like shit.

Look at Dak’s passing yards in the last few games. The Giants did a generally decent job on
defense but Elliott still ran for 117 yards. Bryant is invisible except when
he made a crucial fumble late. Jason, the Giant killer Witten,  was also absent so,
Dallas had nothing. Many are clamoring for Romo but Jerry says he won’t. In
the meantime we have seen what the “Boy’s” look like if Dak doesn’t play
really well and it isn’t pretty. The Giants undrafted rookie from Notre Dame Romeo Okwara  had a “GREAT” game. He was dominant replacing J.P.P… He didn’t even start
at Notre Dame  but he sure can play.

The Dallas middle linebacker  Sean Lee was sensational with all kinds of tackles (18),
after several years of serious injuries that kept him out.

So, what did we learn? There are NO good teams in the NFL.
The Chiefs, Raiders,  Patriots,  and Tampa Bay are playing the best right now but truth be told, they all are
mediocre, there are no great teams and rookies become rookies at some point
and now they both have to prove it again.

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