Film Review-Dallas vs NYG

Written by: Motown Blue

First half run plays:  Not one thing is glaring. It is collective.  John Jerry was poor. Flowers is poor at pulling.  I did see Dallas adjust their DL when Eli was shouting to RB. Sure enough it was same general area they were running to. There isn’t enough misdirection in their run plays. They badly need a blocking TE. Tye  can’t stand up physically. Perkins showed he is a rookie when he took it outside instead of being more patient. Jennings stutters too much and noticed he missed a chance to cut back for a gaping hole, again misdirection plays would help. Pugh back would be a big boost as he is far superior as a run blocker and pulling than Newhouse.

I did notice that when they went with the 2 TE formation that had more success moving the ball. I would love to see 2 TE formations with Tye in either in backfield or on the line with Perkins in the game. A flare over the middle for Perkins or just a dump off with the 2 TE in game would open up space by occupying the LBs.


Second half run plays. I’m officially not a fan of Jennings. He is too hesitant and missed some cutback lanes.  In order to be a top running back, one has to have vision.  I am not seeing this with Jennings. Flowers were given credit for improving in 2nd half but Not in run game. He missed on a pull and didn’t finish his blocks several times that should have gotten a few more yards. From what I see they are close to breaking some runs but one player breakdown or missed assignment blows it up. Perkins needs to be bell cow and Vereen to spell. He is quicker to hole and more work he’ll learn. Adams needs more snaps. He’s physically stronger than Tye blocking.

I’m going to try and look at Eli tonight at last two games to see if he is jittery even with no pressure. Lack of confidence in his OL is big reason in my opinon why he’s been so poor. He needs to get over it and play.

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