Prophet’s Point After

Giants 20 Washington 19

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

It was a very weird win for the Giants vs the Washington team. The Giants were outplayed but won the turnover battle. Daniel Jones had his worst game of the year, He only threw for 112 yards, 1 TD and of course his obligatory turnover, a pick in the end zone to kill a drive. It didn’t matter because he has won all 3 games he has played against the Washington team. He is 4-14 in his career and 3 wins have come vs Washington. When you consider in the Tampa Bay game last year that Matt Gay missed a 34-yard chip shot field goal to win the game, these 3 Washington games would be his only wins. If the Washington team kicked the extra point in this game to tie it, the Giants may have lost this game. We will never know. 

f you look at the stats, the Giants were dominated:

Washington Giants

First Downs 24 16

Total Yards 337 240

Net pass yards 251 108

Rush yards 86 132

Time of possession 33:30 26:30

Plays 73 48

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Giants 20 Washington 19

Written by: Glenn Warciski

The Giants Win! The losing streak ends at 6 games. Going back to last year, the Giants had lost 6 games in a row. So with a squeaker win over the equally as hapless Washington team, the Giants are 1-5. With this dismal record, the Giants are tied for 3rd place in the NFC Travesty Division.

As we have documented on here, the Giants have struggled scoring going all the way back to 2016., Yesterday was more of the same. Only 13 points scored by the offense. The difference was the defensive TD.

Other Observations:

Giants kicker Graham Gano is the Giants MVP. Almost perfect. 15 out of 16 field goals made. His outstanding kicking has allowed the Giants to stay in games. Contrast this to last year, Aldrick Rosas was missing kicks most of the time. As a result of his misses and the Giants inability to score TDs, the Giants could not make contests close.

Giants rookie Matt Peart played LT. And he played well. Amen. Let us hope he plays again on Thursday and continues to thrive. The Giants desperately need better play from the offensive line.

The over rated and overdrafted tackle Andrew Thomas is giving me Ereck Flowers flash backs. Due to disciplinary reasons, he sat out and only played 22 snaps compared to Peart’s 26 snaps. Play Peart. Let Thomas sit.

Dave Gettleman watch: As of now, he is still GM. The clock is ticking. Despite getting a win, the Giants and Washington, clearly are two rudderless franchises sinking to the bottom of the NFL.

Prophet’s Pulpit

Giants vs Washington Preview & Prediction

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

The Giants are finally facing an opponent they can beat in the Washington football team. They are 1-4. They have been playing quarterback roulette. They started the season with Haskins, who proved to be ineffective. They started last week’s game vs the Rams with Allen but he got hurt on a run. They put in Alex Smith. He was in his first game since 2018. It is a great human-interest story. He has had to endure 17 operations to fix his shattered leg. He really should have retired. I felt badly for him as he was sacked 6 times. Allen was sacked twice. The Washington offensive line reminds me of the Ereck Flowers at left tackle anchored Giants offensive line of several years ago. 

Looking at the Giants from last week, they played their best a game of the year. They scored 34 points vs one of the worstdefenses in the NFL. This was an accomplishment because in the four games previous to this they had only scored 47 points, less than a 12 a game average! However, the usual mental mistakes stole victory away from them. Cam Fleming who was moving when the ball was snapped on a fake punt touchdown thrown by the punter to Engram. The other touchdown taken off the board on a phantom offensive pass interference call on Ratley. Even the announcers said it was dubious. It nullified a touchdown to from Jones to Slayton. 

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Prophet’s Point After-Dallas 37 Giants 34

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

Danger Prone Daniel Jones

It’s Groundhog Day every Sunday with the New York Football Giants. It’s another game, and another loss. For some fleeting moments during the game, one was getting delusional when the Giants had a 14-point lead. However, you were smacked back into reality when Danny Turnover had his obligatory turnover, a fumble. As he was being hit, he did nothing to secure the ball. He left it out there like a pineapple on a tree. It was one of the big momentum killing plays in the game.

I ask this of the Together Blue Giants Nation, do you really think Danny Turnover is the future answer at quarterback for this franchise???? I finally think the blind pom-pom waving fans who never look under the hood are coming to the realization that he is not!

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Cowboys 37 NYG 34

Written by: Glenn Warciski

Another deflating loss in Big D.

Strange and bizarre things happen to the Giants in Dallas. Jim Jeffcoat’s interception returns for touchdowns in 1985 and 1987. Both were tipped Phil Simms passes by Ed “Too Tall” Jones. In 2015, Eli Manning told Rashad Jennings twice not to score. Then Manning threw the ball away on 3rd and goal instead of taking a sack. The poor game and clock management allowed Dallas to steal a win from the Giants.

Another stolen win took place Sunday afternoon. Without starting QB Dak Prescott who suffered an injury, backup QB Andy Dalton connected with Michael Gallup on two remarkable catches which set up the game winning field goal.

But it should have not come to this horrible outcome for the Giants. Up 17-3 in the first half, two boneheaded Giant plays short circuited a Giants victory. First, Danger prone Danny Jones gets sacked and coughs up the football which lead to a Dallas TD. Then the score is 17- 10. The later, Joe Judge with the element of surprise calls for a fake FG which is called a TD. But no…….. yellow laundry is thrown on the field. Giants RT Cam Fleming is called for an illegal shift which negates the TD . As a result, Giants had to settle for one of Gano’s 4 field goals which put the Giants up 20 to 17. Subsequently, Dallas drives for a go ahead TD and leading at the half 24-20.

The Giants did played their best game of the season but came up short which drops their record to 0-5. A small consolation for effort and this team stinks. So they will be much chatter about how this team is improving and will take more time. Do not believe the bull shit narrative.

Other Observations:

For the 3rd time in franchise history, the Giants begin a season with 5 Straight losses. The other two years 2013 and 2017.

LT Andrew Thomas looks terrible. He is playing poorly.

WR Slayton and RB Freeman were stalwarts. Not much production from anyone else.

0-5 means wait til next year. Can the Giants win a game this year? They play Washington next week. Cross fingers.

Daniel Jones is 3-14 as a starter.

The Giants should fire GM Dave Gettleman soon.

Tony will have his Point After or we may rename it What is the Point? Monday Evening.

Prophet’s Pulpit-NYG vs Dallas Preview & Prediction

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

There was good news and bad news from last week’s loss to the Los Angeles Rams. The good news was that the Giants defense has been getting better all year. They made a great stand in the 2nd half. The only exception was the 55-yard touchdown throw to Kupp. He split Crowder and Love. Bradberry came into the scene at the 20-yard line but he got faked out. 

The Giants outgained the Rams for the game and in the second half but they only had 9 points to show for it. As a matter of fact, the Giants are last in the league in scoring at 11.8 points/game. The last time the Giants scored a touchdown it was at the 14:22 mark of the 4th quarter vs the Bears in Week 2! Jones has not thrown a touchdown for the last 108 passes and counting! Can you honestly tell me you still want him for next year???

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Prophet’s Point After-Rams 17 NYG 9

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

Most teams usually play better the next week after a destructive loss. I almost wrote in the Pulpit, the Giants would play much better vs the Rams. However, based on what we have seen from the Rams, who are very competent, and from the Giants, who were really bad so far, I was hesitant. I thought they would have an easy day with the Giants.

The Giants defense played great overall. They held the Rams to 240 yards overall. The week before vs the Bills, the Rams had 488 yards in a shootout. They Gmen have brought in 2 Pro Bowl caliber players as free agents, Blake Martinez and James Bradberry. The other linebacker, Kyler Fackrell, they brought in from the Packers had his best game with 4 solo tackles, a sack, and 3 tackles for loss. Dexter Lawrence and Leonard Williams played well. Austin Johnson played well and got a sack. This brings the total sacks to 8 on the year. If you extrapolate that it is 32 sacks for the year. It’s middle to the upper bottom third in the league for 16 games but it is better than I expected. I thought going into the year, the pass rush was their biggest weakness.

The game started the way the Giants left off last week. The Giants went 3 and out in the first drive. The Rams had a beautifully scripted 12 play, 7-minute, 65-yard touchdown drive. On the drive after the touchdown. The futility continued. The Giants make a first down, but on 2nd down of the next series, Jones is sacked, and he fumbles the ball. Luckily he recovers it. They did lose 11 yards on the play. They end up with 3rd and 27 and had to punt.

The Giants situation changes on the next series. Austin Johnson hits Everett on a short pass and strips the ball from him and the Giants recover. The Giants are in business now with a first down at the Rams 34. However, this anemic offense, that has 3 touchdowns in 4 games in a year where teams are scoring points at a record pace, gets stopped. The Giants stall at the 13-yard line and have to kick a field goal.

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Rams 17 NYG 9

Written by: Glenn Warciski


It has been 8 quarters since the Giants last scored a touchdown. In a league where teams have been scoring points at a record pace, the Giants, under feckless OC Jason Garrett, are stuck in dry dock. Takeaway, the garbage touchdown against the Steelers, the Giants are averaging TEN points per game. This is nothing new for the NFL”s worst team. Since 2016, the Giants have had the same problem. Scoring points has been an exercise in futility. Why? It is the quarterback play. From Eli Manning to Daniel Jones, the Giants still do not have a quality quarterback.

As our Tony “The Prophet” has pointed out, Daniel Jones is not a starting quarterback in the NFL. In addition, Paul and myself were skeptical about Jones the day he was drafted. With 16 games played as a starter, Jones has a putrid 3-13 record. More importantly, Danger Prone Danny turns the ball over each and every game. Yesterday against the Rams, he threw a terrible telegraphed interception at the end of the game. With the Giants trailing 17-9, having a chance to tie this game, Danger Prone inexplicably makes a critical error. His ill advised throw was intercepted at the Rams 7 yard line ending any hope of a potential comeback.

Falling short once again and the losses piling up, the Giants are 0-4 and in last place in the worst division in the NFL.

NFC East

Eagles 1-2-1

Cowboys 1-3

Redskins 1-3

Pathetic Giants 0-4

Other Obervations:

The Giants defense improved their play. Quite frankly, the Rams were sleepwalking through this game. So was it the Giants defense? Or the Rams playing uninspired football? I think it was a combination of both.

The Giants found a cornerback. Austin Johnson. Wow! A major positive. Johnson forced a fumble and had a sack.

Before the season started, I created a poll.

We are a quarter through the 2020 season. After much optimism before this Covid affected season, some fans believed this team can win EIGHT games. With 12 games left, the Giants would have to post an EIGHT and four record. This is not happening. Right now, the Giants are lucky to record a win. Again, some fans bought into the shit sandwich Gettleman was peddling. This team needs a major overhaul. It starts with the feckless owner John Mara.

Tony will have a more detailed post on the latest Giants debacle.

Prophet’s Pulpit-Giants vs Rams Preview & Prediction

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca


The Giants had a golden opportunity to beat a 49ers team that was decimated by injury with 9 starters out and 11 players overall. They lost Jordan Reed, the starting TE, during the game making it 12 players. It didn’t matter. The Giants season is over. We found out what we already knew about Daniel Jones that he is a bust and a turnover machine. In a season that Washington is rebuilding, the Eagles are looking like a disaster and Dallas has a quarterback that is throwing for 450 yards/game and should be 0-3, the Giants could have a chance at the division championship. It doesn’t matter. Looking at the schedule, their only chances for future victory may be vs Washington twice and the Bengals. Burrow is the real deal. Both teams are getting better especially the Washington front 7 before they play them. We may be staring at the 0-16 Matt Millen Lions. 

It’s still early, but Joe Judge has been a fraud so far. All we heard from Joe Judge is that we are going to teach the fundamentals, tackling, blocking and ball security. Everyone is held accountable, and it is blue collar values for this team. This team will resemble the hard-working people in this area and this will be a team who they can be proud of. Nothing could be further from the truth. The effort vs the 49ers was pathetic. Backups were running free with tons of missed tackles. The 49ers used rub routes like every other team has used vs the Giants to turn back up Mullens into Dan Marino! He threw for 343 yards, 9.5 YPA and a 108.9 quarterback rating! The exceptions were Blake Martinez, Williams (Yes he got his second sack, His Sack-O-Meter is now at $8.05M/sack), Tomlinson and Bradberry.

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Prophet’s Point After- 49ers 36 Gettleman’s trash 9

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

Sunday’s performance was one of the worst ever by the New York Football Giants in the 95-year history of the team! How do you lose to a team that had 9 of their 22 starters out of the game?They had 2 other players out. They lost the 12 player, Jordan Reed, before the first half was over. This is a top 5 loss in their history!

In the pantheon of Giants bad losses, this ranks as one of the worst because of the overwhelming advantage they had in personnel. This was a game of total domination by a team of backups who had the ball 22:26 minutes in the first half to the Giants’ 7:34. The total time of possession turned out to be 49ers 39:44 and the Giants 22:26.

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