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Gentlemen No Thanks To Gettleman

Yesterday we mentioned the rumors that Gettlemen is the favorite to land the GM position. There is even a source from the front office that it is imminent and he could be signed by mid-week. Again, we are NOT in support of Gettleman as the next GM.

The Charlotte Observer wrote, a year after he was fire by the Panthers, about the reasons for his surprising forced exit from the GM position with the Panthers. Sources within the Panthers organization cited poor relations with the players and even within the front office due to his brusque management style, which leads us to infer that he is arrogant about his abilities. They also had concerns about how he was neglecting a couple of units on their roster which they believe played a large role in their regression in the 2016 season the year after they went to the Super Bowl.

We do not have source or information that Reese had poor relations within the organization nor if he had a brusque management style. But we have witnessed his arrogance through his media appearances; lack of public communication and of course neglect of units on the roster. We feel Gettleman is, in essence, an older clone of Jerry Reese. Reese struck us as arrogant when addressing the media. He was arrogant in his abilities with the handling of the roster.

A good manager has the opposite skills discussed above. One must be a skilled communicator and the opposite of arrogance whereby you question your own abilities through constantly engaging your own personnel in decision making.

In the end, we believe the organization needs a fresh voice. They need to go outside their comfort zone of hiring within the organization, of which Gettleman is essentially. Let the new voice structure, hire own staff of scouts and front office personnel. We fear that we will just re-visit the same weaknesses and errors that we endured under the Reese regime.

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Eli returns from his brief hiatus

eli-manning-3-jpgThere was a lot of excitement in early going at MetLife stadium with Eli’s return from his brief hiatus. A standing ovation, cheers and signs were highlighted as he jogged onto the field. Then reality struck and we were yet again reminded of the putrid football that this team has presented to their fans week in and week out basis this season.

When you look at the team statistics after the game you would have concluded that it must have been a tight game. The Giants led TOP by almost 6 minutes. They ran 14 more plays than Dallas and had 2 more first downs. The game was tied up until the 7-minute mark of the 4th quarter then 5 minutes of implosion occurred by the defense with a little help from the offense. Time and again the ugly wart appears for this defense. The BIG play. They lead the league in giving up plays over 20 yards and we are quite sure it isn’t even close. Yes it is a byproduct of the lack of talent within the defensive unit, but their coach did not do them any favors. When you have your $40 million dollar DL that puts pressure on the QB like a baby’s grip on his/her bottle you compromise your secondary every game. So Spags brings the blitz that never work which leads to compromising the back end of your defense even more. Banks and Pappa alluded to another putrid unit, the linebackers. They took a little shot at Reese when they wondered aloud why the organization has not devoted resources toward the linebacker unit. This was their first comment after watching Sheppard pathetically attempting to chase down running back Rod Smith on his 81- yard slant reception that resulted in a TD. We have been screaming about this neglect for 10 years.

On the other side of the ball we have the opposite. They cannot generate any big plays. Their average yards per play were a pathetic 4.4. You are not going to win games with this combination of defense and offense. Of course by design we have seen our QB who leads the league in quickest release time to in essence compensate for their lousy OL. Obviously it is not currently helped by the lack of skill players they currently have, which is basically one, Engram. It is compounded by a case of the dropsies, an ailment shared by current members of their receiving unit. I am sure some of you were hoping for Sullivan to trash the WCO and sling the ball down field more. There are 2 problems with this. One most of your players on offense are quite green and you cannot change your offense mid-season. The other is putting the health of your QB in serious jeopardy with that turnstile OL. Bottom line the next new GM has his work cut out for him.

There are rumors that Gettlemen is the leading candidate for the GM job. There is even a report that it is imminent. We do NOT endorse this candidate. He is another byproduct of their front office. The front office is stale. They need new blood. They need new perspective. They need what we just wrote about last week.  The Charlotte Observer breaks down the reasons behind why the Panthers fired Gettlemen.  Based on the article it very apparent he is just an older clone of Reese.  We have always been put of with the arrogance and gruffness by Reese when he rarely spoke in public.  It is very apparent that Gettlemen came across this way with personnel in the Panthers organization.  He also had another quality of Reese, neglect of units within the team’s roster.  As a result the Panthers took a step back last year.

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Prophet’s Pulpit – NYG vs. Raiders Preview & Prediction

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

The Giants provided the wrong type of entertainment for a national turkey day audience in prime time. It was downright embarrassing. It was definitely one of the worst games of Eli’s career. He was 13 of 27 for 113 yards, 0 TDs and one interception. The team did not score an offensive TD, and the offense scored three points. The Gmen had just seven first downs, a 14% 3rd-down efficiency and 84 rushing yards. They lost the time of possession battle by nearly 10 minutes, 34:37 to 25:23.

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Is Mara Capable?

Written by: Paul Burke

If you read his interview, you have to be shaking your head. The man comes off as so disingenuous. If he really wasn’t fully involved in this decision, and blindsided by the rashness of how it went down, then he should show some leadership. Good grief, this is not looking good for decision making, moving forward. This fiasco should never have evolved to such a level of stupidity. It is total and utter mismanagement from the top down.

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Pinnacle of Ineptitude – Eli Manning Benched

Written by: Paul Burke

No, it is not the 2-9 record, the implosion of the defense that ranks at the bottom of the league in so many categories, the woeful OL or the locker room turmoil. This is the pinnacle. Whether Eli is washed up or just a bystander of a dysfunctional football team does not really matter. The man brought you two Super Bowls – one single-handedly – when he played the best stretch of his career. He’s handled himself with grace, class and put the team ahead of himself. This is purely about how this dysfunctional organization managed the situation, and how it never should have lead to this.

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A Day of Overwhelming Sadness – Eli Manning Benched.

Written by: Glenn Warciski

November 28, 2017 = June 16th, 1994.

Like Phil Simms’ unexpected unceremonious departure in 1994,  the Giants announced Eli Manning will no longer be their starting quarterback.  Yesterday, a teary eyed and shocked Manning could not believe the Giants had dumped him for Geno Smith. History repeats itself, so let us compare what happened to Simms and Manning.

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Thanksgiving Edition of Prophet’s Pulpit – NYG vs. Redskins Preview & Prediction

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, the Giants two wins have come from the two most improbable matchups this year. However, the Denver win has lost its luster as we have seen the Denver Broncos implode. The Giants showed the best effort all year this past week. Jenkins got his act together and acted as a professional. The conditions with the high wind definitely helped the Giants.

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